Helping Scouts on the Trail to Eagle

Eagle Scout medalCommunication and Creativity are the Keys to Helping Scouts with Special Needs Advance Along the Trail to Eagle

The Advancement program is meant to be challenging for every Scout. Those challenges can become even larger for Scouts with special needs. Since the Guide to Advancement clearly states that all requirements have to be met, communication between the Scout, his parents, unit leaders, and even educators can lead to real success stories.

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Meeting Requirements “With No Exception”

guide to advancement front cover, 2015The following was originally published in the May-June 2017 issue of Advancement News.

“Meet the requirements as they are written, with no exception.”

The quote above from the Guide to Advancement, topic, at first glance may sound harsh, restrictive, and could even leave one wondering how a Scout with special needs can meet requirements that sometimes seem too tough. Well, with a little bit of creativity and teamwork, Scouts and leaders have found exceptional ways to complete requirements without exception.

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Cub Activities and Advancement

Cub Scouts singingReprinted from the Spring 2017 Abilities Digest

Today’s Cub Scouts have a whole range of opportunities. New rank advancements offer Cub Scouts different opportunities to excel. Cub Scouts also have numerous camping opportunities. In years past, a pack might go camping once a year, if at all. Today, Cub camping takes place all year long. There are often district or council events for Cub Scout and Webelos camping or advancement, as well as den and pack opportunities.

Cub Scouts with disabilities can pose a challenge in both advancement and camping. Members with physical disabilities face special camping challenges and may rely on special equipment like wheel chairs, braces, hearing aids, and so on. This also affects advancement when a Cub Scout’s disability interferes with the requirements for a badge or award. Parents and pack leaders can work together to overcome these obstacles.

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