Annual Torch of Gold Awards

The process takes place entirely within the council. Typically the council’s Disabilities or Special Needs Committee will collect nomination forms and choose a recipient.

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Special Needs Scouting Service Award


The Special Needs Scouting Service Award recognizes ongoing service to Scouts and Scouting with disabilities and special needs. This award differs from the Torch of Gold and the Woods Services Award in that those awards are made only to nominees. The Special Needs Scouting Service Award must be earned, and can be earned by both volunteers and
professional Scouters.Disabilities-device

The latest information has been posted to Awards Central at

The award requirements are given below. They were initially published in Abilities Digest v 3 #3 in the summer of 2016 (archived on Scout Shops may now order the knot award as item #625334. Metal devices to distinguish different service awards will be produced and stocked later.

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