National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee

One of Warren’s first tasks was to represent the Committee at the First
National Program Planning Conference held at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. He attended with three other Committee members. Other participating committees included Cub Scouting, Scouting BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, STEM Scouts, and the next National Chair of the Boy Scouts of America. The conference included leadership from national, regional, area and council committees. The conference included training on the BSA/s new Polaris method. A Big Thank You to members from the NSNDC for giving a week of their time to attend the National Program conference.

A Note From Warren Wenner

Warren Wenner, CNP, Chair of the National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee

I am honored to be named Chair of the NSNDC. We have a great national committee ready to support local councils, districts and unit programs for special Scouts and their families. Great plans are being developed for this coming year.

We are the nation’s best family program, thousands of girls and boys are joining Scouting. The NSDNC is committed to making sure every family with a special needs child has a chance to experience Scouting.


Since the National Annual Meeting in Denver, we have made some structural changes to the NSDNC. We have reorganized into three committees – Membership and Unit Growth, Program Support, and Operations Support – to better focus the work. We hope this will help local councils with the support they need to serve special needs Scouts and their families.

Membership and Unit Growth – This committee works to support units and special needs membership growth in local councils and districts. Jane Grossman, past NDAC Chair and Vice Chair, leads this committee

Program Support – This committee supports other national program and support committees like advancement, outdoor programs, and health and safety. Nathan A. Schaumleffel, PhD, leads this committee. He is associate professor, Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sports and campus/ executive director, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certification Program, Indiana State University.

Operations Support – This committee works with the regions and councils to answer questions from volunteers, staff, parents and others. The committee will assist in developing educational information for national courses at Philmont and other national and regional events. Roger Tate, an autism advocate and member of the NDAC since 2012, leads this committee.

The NSNDC is planning some big events coming up with some great surprises, so keep reading this newsletter and then, please, share it with a Scouter, friend or a parent. Thanks for all you are doing for Scouting.

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