Abilities Digest Archives

Here are issues from 2017 (Volume 4) to present.

Volume 7 – 2020

1. Late Winter 2020

  • Adapting Activities: Tranquility Base: a safe space; Philmont’s Zia Experience for youth with special needs this summer.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Training conference at Philmont this summer.
  • Adapting Advancement: Changes to youth registration beyond the age of eligibility; Youth Protection Training exemptions for mental disabilities.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Presenting the Torch of Gold Award.

2. Spring 2020

  • Enhancing Awareness: Q&A on COVID-19 and special needs Scouting; mental health first aid.
  • Awareness Events: Adaptive Special Needs conference still open for registration this summer; Zia Experience delayed until summer 2021.
  • Adapting Activities: New Scout Orientations and beyond.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Rich Gambrill honored with 2020 Woods Services Award.
  • Adapting Advancement: Being prepared for physical disabilities; advancement with physical disabilities.

Volume 6 – 2019

1. Spring 2019

  • Adapting Activities: The Chief Scout Executive speaks on Scouting with disabilities and special needs; summer activities for Scouts with special needs.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Revised Special Needs and Disabilities Introduction now available; Philmont training program on special needs Scouting.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Scouters recognized this year for service to Scouting with special needs and disabilities.
  • Adapting Advancement: Perspectives on comparable challenges and expectations in advancement.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness materials.

2. Winter 2019

  • Welcome our new National Committee Chair, Warren Wenner.
  • Training opportunities at Seabase this winter and Philmont this spring.
  • Philmont offers a new experience for Scouts with special needs.
  • Dori Hammer receives the Woods Services Award.
  • Advancement help may be right down the street.
  • Adapting Activities: Special Needs at the World Scout Jamboree last summer; “Wizard Academy” hosted by Three Fires Council, Troops for the deaf and blind in Palmetto Council.

Volume 5 – 2018

  1. Winter 2018
  2. Spring 2018
  3. Summer 2018
  4. Fall 2018

Volume 4 – 2017

1. Spring 2017

  • Adapting Activities: Ensuring a great summer camp experience for Scouts with special needs.
  • Awareness Events: The disAbilities Awareness Challenge at the 2017 National Jamboree, and the Philmont 2017 conference on growing your Scouts with disabilities membership and resources.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Hints on establishing a council disabilities awareness committee, an inspiring reading to use in adult leader training.
  • Adapting Advancement: Guidelines for adapt-ing the new Cub Scout requirements, standards and procedures for extending work on Eagle Scout requirements past age 18.
  • Recognizing Abilities: The Special Needs Scouting Service Award square knot is now available.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness Materials

2. Fall 2017

  • Recognizing Abilities: The 2017 Woods Services Award was presented to Ralph N. Rehbock of the Northeast Illinois Council. Be sure to submit nominations for the annual Torch of Gold and Woods Services Awards.
  • Adapting Activities: First steps in accommodating Scouts with special needs; sign language for Scouting events.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Importance of using proper words when leading Scouts with special needs; behavior contracts and individualized advancement plans; video portrays autism to young people.
  • Adapting Advancement: Meeting advancement requirements “with no exceptions,” a handy table summarizing advancement adaptations, and special needs on the trail to Eagle.
  • Awareness Events: Special needs and disabilities at the 2017 National Jamboree: one Scouter’s experience and a glimpse at the disAbilities Awareness Challenge.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness materials.

Volume 3 – 2016 and before

Here is a link to the BSA’s own archive of Abilities Digest back issues. These date back to Volume 1, #1.

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