Abilities Digest Archives

Here are issues from 2017 (Volume 4) to present.

Volume 6 – 2019

1. Spring 2019

  • Adapting Activities: The Chief Scout Executive speaks on Scouting with disabilities and special needs; summer activities for Scouts with special needs.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Revised Special Needs and Disabilities Introduction now available; Philmont training program on special needs Scouting.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Scouters recognized this year for service to Scouting with special needs and disabilities.
  • Adapting Advancement: Perspectives on comparable challenges and expectations in advancement.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness materials.

2. Winter 2019

  • Welcome our new National Committee Chair, Warren Wenner.
  • Training opportunities at Seabase this winter and Philmont this spring.
  • Philmont offers a new experience for Scouts with special needs.
  • Dori Hammer receives the Woods Services Award.
  • Advancement help may be right down the street.
  • Adapting Activities: Special Needs at the World Scout Jamboree last summer; “Wizard Academy” hosted by Three Fires Council, Troops for the deaf and blind in Palmetto Council.

Volume 5 – 2018

  1. Winter 2018
  2. Spring 2018
  3. Summer 2018
  4. Fall 2018

Volume 4 – 2017

Spring 2017, #1

  • Adapting Activities: Ensuring a great summer camp experience for Scouts with special needs.
  • Awareness Events: The disAbilities Awareness Challenge at the 2017 National Jamboree, and the Philmont 2017 conference on growing your Scouts with disabilities membership and resources.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Hints on establishing a council disabilities awareness committee, an inspiring reading to use in adult leader training.
  • Adapting Advancement: Guidelines for adapt-ing the new Cub Scout requirements, standards and procedures for extending work on Eagle Scout requirements past age 18.
  • Recognizing Abilities: The Special Needs Scouting Service Award square knot is now available.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness Materials

Fall 2017, #2

  • Recognizing Abilities: The 2017 Woods Services Award was presented to Ralph N. Rehbock of the North-east Illinois Council. Be sure to submit nominations for the annual Torch of Gold and Woods Services Awards.
  • Adapting Activities: First steps in accommodating Scouts with special needs; sign language for Scouting events.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Importance of using proper words when leading Scouts with special needs; behavior contracts and individualized advancement plans; video portrays autism to young people.
  • Adapting Advancement: Meeting advancement requirements “with no exceptions,” a handy table summarizing advancement adaptations, and special needs on the trail to Eagle.
  • Awareness Events: Special needs and disabilities at the 2017 National Jamboree: one Scouter’s experience and a glimpse at the disAbilities Awareness Challenge.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness materials.

Volume 3 – 2016 and before

Here is a link to the BSA’s own archive of Abilities Digest back issues. These date back to Volume 1, #1.

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