Abilities Digest Archives

Here are issues from 2017 (Volume 4) to present. Older issues are posted on another page.

Volume 8 – 2021

1. Spring 2021

  • Adapting Activities: Preparing for summer camp; parents and youth with special needs sharing tents; waterfront and boating accessibility.
  • Adapting Advancement: The ISAP and the IEP.
  • Awareness Events: Membership and unit growth roundtable for special needs and disabilities; training events at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2021; making family memories at Philmont Training Center.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Warren Wenner and Deb Reidmiller receive the 2021 Woods Services Award; nominate a fellow Scouter for the Torch of Gold.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing special needs and disabilities materials.

Volume 7 – 2020

1. Late Winter 2020

  • Adapting Activities: Tranquility Base: a safe space; Philmont’s Zia Experience for youth with special needs this summer.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Training conference at Philmont this summer.
  • Adapting Advancement: Changes to youth registration beyond the age of eligibility; Youth Protection Training exemptions for mental disabilities.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Presenting the Torch of Gold Award.

2. Spring 2020

  • Enhancing Awareness: Q&A on COVID-19 and special needs Scouting; mental health first aid.
  • Awareness Events: Adaptive Special Needs conference still open for registration this summer; Zia Experience delayed until summer 2021.
  • Adapting Activities: New Scout Orientations and beyond.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Rich Gambrill honored with 2020 Woods Services Award.
  • Adapting Advancement: Being prepared for physical disabilities; advancement with physical disabilities.

3. Summer 2020

  • Adapting Advancement: Joining conferences for new Scouts; saying good-bye to board of review anxiety.
  • Enhancing Awareness: The experience of blindness.
  • Adapting Activities: Choosing a unit for a Scout with special needs; Responses when a unit leader rejects a proposed accommodation.
  • Awareness Events: Staffing opportunities for Disabilities Awareness Challenges at the upcoming National Scout Jamboree.
  • Recognizing Abilities: The Special Needs Scouting Service Award.
  • 2021 Philmont summer events.

Volume 6 – 2019

1. Spring 2019

  • Adapting Activities: The Chief Scout Executive speaks on Scouting with disabilities and special needs; summer activities for Scouts with special needs.
  • Enhancing Awareness: Revised Special Needs and Disabilities Introduction now available; Philmont training program on special needs Scouting.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Scouters recognized this year for service to Scouting with special needs and disabilities.
  • Adapting Advancement: Perspectives on comparable challenges and expectations in advancement.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing Disabilities Awareness materials.

2. Winter 2019

  • Welcome our new National Committee Chair, Warren Wenner.
  • Awareness Events: Training opportunities at Seabase this winter and Philmont this spring; Philmont offers a new experience for Scouts with special needs.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Dori Hammer receives the Woods Services Award.
  • Advancement help may be right down the street.
  • Adapting Activities: Special Needs at the World Scout Jamboree last summer; “Wizard Academy” hosted by Three Fires Council, Troops for the deaf and blind in Palmetto Council.

Volume 5 – 2018 and before

Here is a link to an archive of Abilities Digest back issues. These date back to Volume 1, #1.