Abilities Digest (Late) Winter 2023

Abilities Digest cover

Here is the latest edition of Abilities Digest. Here is the list of articles:

  • Adapting Activities: A pack meeting that highlights special needs; the ethics of disability simulations; Scouts that do not speak.
  • Awareness Events: Upcoming Behavior and Mental Health Conference; forums on inclusion from San Diego; service opportunities at the 2023 Jamboree; summer SND activities at Philmont;
    review of the 2022 Neurodiversity Conference last October in New Jersey.
  • Recognizing Abilities: Nominate council Scouters for the Torch of Gold Award; an Eagle and his Legos.
  • Helpful Links: Accessing special needs and disabilities materials

If anyone wonders if this is really the “Spring” issue, keep in mind that the actual start of spring is still many hours away!