Three Fires Council’s Wizard’s Academy

These are the activities we had at Wizard Academy.

  • Wheelchair Quidditch: Quidditch as an Adaptive Sport
  • Defense against the Dark Arts: Wheelchair Archery as an Adaptive Sport
  • Ancient Runes Translation: Vision Impairment
  • Ancient Runes Advanced: Mirror Boxes (Dyslexia)
  • Food Alchemy: Food Allergies
  • Study of Magical Creatures: Comfort Dogs
  • Herbology: Alternative Communication (Drawing)
  • Ancient Runes Language: Signing
  • Potions Class: Alternative Communication/STEM
  • Wizard Chess: Learn Disability Facts
  • Wizard Racing: Adaptive Pinewood Derby
  • Wizard Sensory Challenge: Autism Awareness
  • Wizard History: Historical/Fictional Figures w/ Disabilities & Motor Skills
  • Wizard Quest & Wand Ceremony: Complete the activities and receive a wand at ceremony

We also had a climbing wall, promoting adaptive climbing for those with disabilities.

Not-for-profit service providers shared with the community and our Scouts what they do, why they do it, and how it helps the disability community. If Scouts visited all of the nonprofit service providers, they received an entry form for a drawing to win one of four Harry Potter Wands.

The community and Scouts had a lot of fun. A big favorite being Wheelchair Quidditch. The organization that provided the sport wheelchairs plans to borrow our Quidditch Hoops for one of their camps.

This event built new relationships between Scouting and the community. The city hopes we will do this again next year, and we plan to do so. We expect to add new activities, like adaptive fishing and we are going to look at how to we can include other disabilities not covered in our first year.

This event was fun with a purpose. Community relationships raise Scouting’s visibility, create more opportunities for community service, and increase membership.