Adaptive Archery at the 2017 Jamboree

Adaptive ArcheryBeginning in 2001, every Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill included a one-armed archery activity. At the Fort, it used a special one-handed bow-and-arrow fixture in a quonset hut as part of the disAbilities Awareness Challenge. When the Jamboree moved to the Summit in 2013 there was no enthusiasm for installing the fixture on the archery range. That attitude changed in 2017.

Through the efforts of Charlie and Andy Mann, and the coordination of chair Tony Mei of dAC, and Rich Rost, the chair of the archery display, the event is once again part of the Jamboree. Rost observed, “It was exhilarating to help differently abled young people to shoot! I look forward to developing even more adaptable devices and methods..”

One-handed archery will also be part of the World Jamboree in 2019 being held at the Summit.