Jamboree Joe

2017 National Jamboree patchThis story has been shared with Scouters nationwide by Charles Dahlquist, National Commissioner, in a recent issue of Scouting Magazine.

Joe could be any Scout. This particular Scout attended the National Scout Jamboree last year. While we all face our daily challenges, Joe faces a lot more than most Jamboree attendees. He arrived with a motorized cart and a special aide to help him.

Some people might discourage a Scout with disabilities from visiting the Jamboree’s Action Point, or from attending the Jamboree at all. But Joe was met with a “Can Do!” attitude by the staffers at Action Point. He had the time of his life.

Jamboree Joe bikingOn his first morning at the Jamboree, Joe’s aide asked, “What do you want to do today?” Joe replied, “I want to go mountain biking!” So off they went to Action Point.

When they arrived, a staffer asked Joe, “Have you ever ridden a bike?” Joe replied, “No, but this sounds fun!”

As he looked at Joe, the young staffer could easily have said, “We’re glad you’re here, but this course is just too dangerous for you.”

Instead he said, “Let’s see if we can make this work!”

He called over another young staff member to assist him. They all put on bike helmets and the staffers got Joe on the bike, holding onto the handlebars for dear life. With one staffer on one side of Joe and one on the other, they guided Joe all the way through a rigorous mountain bike course.

Jamboree Joe on a skateboardWhen they finished, Joe was ecstatic. While the two staffers were worn out and doubled over with fatigue, Joe said, “That was super!

One of the staffers straightened up and asked Joe, “Have you ever been on a skateboard?”

Joe replied, “No, but it sounds fun!”

Off they went to the Summit skateboard park for another wonderful adventure. To literally top off his experience, he next took the canopy tour.

Jamboree Joe on the canopy

Following the Jamboree, Joe reached another Scouting summit: he completed the requirements for Eagle. His court of honor took place in March, 2018.