Special Needs Scouting Service Award


This award was established to provide clear and visible recognition to adults, volunteer and professional, who serve the community of members with disabilities/special needs of the Scouting movement. This award is earned by direct action on behalf of members with disabilities/special needs and by spreading the ideals of inclusiveness, diversity, and disability awareness in Scouting. The award is intended to create enhanced visibility of the resources available to serve these members and to ensure their success in Scouting.

This award provides multiple venues for serving that community. It will create a pool of potential recipients for the council level Torch of Gold Award and the national level Woods Services Award by identifying individuals who have given exemplary service to the Scouting program for members with disabilities/special needs.

Who can earn this award?

Adult volunteers and professionals who complete the specified requirements.

How to get the award?

Purchased by the local council using the regular Supply order form from the Supply Group distribution center.

Supply item description and uniform placement

Device No. 641462, square knot No. 625334, device, certificate, and a medallion suspended from a ribbon.

Click below for the application form, which contains detailed requirements.

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