National SND Training in 2021

PTC adaptive cope course preparations

11/6 UPDATE: Summit date correction; SeaBase change.

An update from the NSNDC Chairman, Warren Wenner, about special needs and disabilities training programs in 2021.

I want to clear up some questions I have been asked. The BSA’s National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee will offer three courses this coming year. Each course is a different national training course with a different training number.

  • June 23-July 3: Adaptive Special Needs & Outdoor Camping Program Conference, at Philmont.
  • August 2-7: Special Needs Membership and Growth Conference, at the Summit.
  • August 2-7: Special Needs and Disabilities Conference, at the Summit.

The Special Needs Membership and Growth conference was originally planned to take place in SeaBase in January. It is now scheduled to take place at the Summit later in the summer. The conference will have the same topics as the 2020 course.

Then at Philmont Scout Ranch there will be a new course called Adaptive Special Needs & Outdoor Camping Program Conference. It is the week of June 27-July 3, right before the 4th of July.

And last, there will be a Special Needs Conference at the Summit August 2-7. This is an program and administration course for special needs Scouting. This course has been taught at Philmont in the past. There are some new things that will added to this course.