Introducing the Inclusion Toolbox

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The Inclusion Toolbox for Special Needs and Disabilities is a printable website that keeps special needs and disability information accessible 24/7/365 for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) community, including Scouts BSA. The Toolbox replaces the printed and PDF Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual from 2007.

The Toolbox does not read like a novel or textbook.  It is designed to allow you to jump to the topics of greatest interest and then read other sections later.  Use the Inclusion Toolbox menu (above) on the AbleScouts site to find the Toolbox and list its modules. Each module contains a Table of Contents outlining its material. You may also use the web site’s search feature to jump to what you need.

The Toolbox was completed in 2022, and the National Special Needs and Disabilities (SND) Committee will add and update its modules as needed. Click here to see the list of all available Toolbox modules.

The remaining contents of the original introductory article from 2021 appears below.

The first two modules are now available:

Future modules will provide guidance for advancement, aquatics, and other program topics. There will also be modules to introduce the different disabilities and special needs a unit leader might encounter.

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