Deb Reidmiller: Woods Services Honoree

Deb Reidmiller

The Woods Services Award is sponsored and given annually by the Woods Foundation in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, to a BSA volunteer for exceptional service and leadership in the field of Special Needs Scouting. This year the Woods Foundation is presenting two awards

Deb Reidmiller (left) has been an active volunteer in the Patriots’ Path Council for more than 10 years. A very few of her special needs Scouting activities include: First Aid and Disabilities Awareness Merit Badges Councelor, Council Advancement Committee, Council Special Needs Advancement Chair, and the National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee both as a member and as Education and Training Chair. Since 2015 Deb has helped develop, manage, and assist at every one of her council’s special needs events. She served as EMT at summer camp while guiding special needs Scouts through any difficulties they encountered. She has been a member of the faculty at Philmont Training Center, and at the Summit. Deb is totally committed to special needs Scouting.

The Woods Services Award was established in 1978 in memory of Luther Wellington Lord, a residential supervisor at the Woods Services and Residential Treatment Center, for more than 23 years. An active Scouter, the award was established in recognition of his service to youth through Scouting at the local and national levels.

The second award is presented to Warren Wenner.