Warren Wenner: Woods Services Honoree

Warren Wenner

The Woods Services Award is sponsored and given annually by the Woods Foundation in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, to a BSA volunteer for exceptional service and leadership in the field of Special Needs Scouting. This year the Woods Foundation is presenting two awards.

Warren Wenner (left) is retired from a career as a professional Scouter. He currently resides in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council.  Through all his years as a professional, he spent countless hours as a volunteer working for, and with, Scouts with special needs. Warren worked tirelessly at each council where he served, to make sure all youth, especially those with special needs, were included in the Scouting programs. He was active in these programs with his son, Jason, as well as with other youth with disabilities of all kinds. He has served as special needs liason on committees too numerous to name, and is currently chair of the National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee (NSNDC). He has been working with special needs Scouts since the 1980s.

The Woods Services Award was established in 1978 in memory of Luther Wellington Lord, a residential supervisor at the Woods Services and Residential Treatment Center, for more than 23 years. An active Scouter, the award was established in recognition of his service to youth through Scouting at the local and national levels.

The second award is presented to Deb Reidmiller.