Video Preview of the Philmont Conference

Britt Flather of the National SND Committee shares the following:

Philmont SND conference 2019

Our family attended the Philmont Training Center Special Needs Scouting Conference in 2019. Here are a few highlights from our adventure and why we believe you should consider PTC in 2021! The first video (one minute, below) focuses on our overall conference experience. The second video (two minutes, also below) focuses on how our families will get along at PTC.

The Adaptive Special Needs Week conference is scheduled June 27- July 3.

About the Conference (1 min)

This newly developed national training spends a week learning best practices in outdoor and camping programs for special needs and how to mainstream special needs scouts into everyday outdoor/camping programs. Adults will also learn about the latest adaptive programs. The team that has put this together are experts in their fields!

Family at PTC

There will also be two training events at the Summit in 2021. The National Special Needs Conference on Program and Administration and the National Special Needs Conference on Membership and Growth. Another wonderful opportunity for training with the national team. Be sure to look for more information!

You can keep track of training updates by registering for Abilities Digest, the quarterly publication of the National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee of Scouts, BSA. Be sure to share this great resource within your units/districts/councils.

You can also reach out to the Scouts, BSA National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee by emailing for questions on the national conferences for 2021!